What is Indiana Probate, Why Avoid Probate, and What Estate Planning Documents Should I Have?

Probate is the process by which your assets are distributed to your heirs after your death. Only assets in your own name, with no joint owners or named beneficiaries, pass through probate. Joint and pay on death bank and brokerage accounts pass directly to the joint owner or the named beneficiary by operation of law

Indiana Executor Duties & Trustee Obligations

What do I do when mom or dad die and I am named the executor or executrix under the Will or the successor trustee? Or there is no Will and I seek to be appointed the personal representative? Your first step is to contact an attorney. At our firm, we have been assisting individuals for

Estate and Trust Mismanagement – Your Rights

What do I do if I think my sibling is mishandling my parent’s estate or trust and will not tell me what is going on? Secrecy breeds distrust. Often times that distrust is warranted. If you find yourself in this situation, call us as soon as possible so that we may take appropriate action before

Stealing Inheritances: What to Do if a Family Member is Acting Wrongly

What do I do if I suspect my brother or sister has somehow stolen my inheritance? This is a growing problem. Before the repeal of Indiana Inheritance Tax, joint accounts were frozen at death. A release from the Indiana Inheritance Tax Office was necessary for release of the accounts. This usually required an attorney and

Where Might I Go for Non-Legal Family Related Services?

Wondering where to turn for services such as parenting skills or reporting child abuse? Check out these service providers.

Key Indiana Estate Administration Statutes

Indiana has adopted a number of statutes that govern estate administration. For a list of the key estate administration statutes, please see this posting.

How much is Inheritance Tax?

How much is Inheritance Tax? Indiana inheritance tax was eliminated as of January 1, 2013.  As a result, Indiana residents will not owe any Indiana state tax after this date with respect to transfers of property and assets at death. If property is owned in other states, there is the possibility that such property may

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