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When should you create a will?


On what grounds can a criminal case be dismissed?


Why a Power of Attorney May Be Necessary for Medicaid Planning


In Indiana do children have a voice in what parent will get primary custody?


How do you oppose the prosecution’s efforts to convict?


How do you help small business owners in collection cases?


How do you help clients with litigation matters?


How are your fees determined in a criminal defense case?


How long does it take to form a new business in Indiana?


What can I expect if I have been charged with a D.U.I.?


What is expungement?


What is mediation?


What state of mind is required to make a will?


What types of bonds are available in a criminal case?


How We Work with Clients in Contract Review


What is a shareholder agreement and why is it important?


Who files a criminal charge?


What is a revocable living trust?

First Time Offender & Diversion Programs for Misdemeanors

Why is it important to retain an attorney early in a criminal case?

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