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We’re Dedicated to Assisting Seniors With Their Legal Matters

Elder law focuses on the specific needs of seniors, including needs for estate planning, future medical care and housing, and retirement.  As Indiana Elder Law attorneys, we focus on these matters and also help clients maneuver through the bureaucracy of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

Our elder law practice also includes representing clients who have suffered under negligent or abusive nursing home staff or other care providers, and adult children seeking to protect parents from being physically or financially abused by other children, relatives, or others.

Protecting Your Loved Ones and Ensuring Their Right to Quality Care

We provide experienced legal advice to adult children and their parents in situations such as when a parent is suffering from dementia or otherwise needs to consider a move to a long-term care facility. We help clients through the many legal aspects of making such transition, such as providing a power of attorney to sell a house if necessary.  We also discuss with clients the possibility of receiving coverage under Medicare and Medicaid, and, if such coverage is available, we help clients obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

elder law attorney jon haggertyMany older adults have never developed an estate plan. For those who may be experiencing the early stages of dementia or other cognitive disease, it is imperative to have frank discussions concerning wills and asset disposition, guardianship, living wills, and other matters so that the needs of the adult can be properly cared for.

Additionally, if one of the adult children is to have primary legal and medical powers of attorney to make care and financial decisions for a parent, the appropriate documents (including powers of attorney) need to be drafted and executed.

If a parent has more than one child, it is helpful if all children are made aware of the parent’s decision concerning appointment of one child with primary legal authority to act on their behalf. Without these actions, there is the potential that multiple children may try to exert control over issues concerning the mother or father, such as decisions regarding healthcare or housing.

Financial, Physical, and Mental Abuse of the Elderly

Sadly, the elderly can be easily financially, physically, or mentally abused.  Such abuse may not always be readily apparent.

For instance, a son or daughter may frequently “borrow” money from a parent’s bank account, a daughter may threaten or verbally abuse an invalid mother or father, or a caretaker or nursing home provider may physically abuse a patient or not provide proper healthcare or nutrition.   When abuse is suspected, our firm can take action to prevent further abuse, and to seek recompense for past abuse.

Helping Clients Plan for Long-Term Needs

We help clients and their families plan for long-term care needs as well as coordinate the private and public resources to finance the cost of care when available.  We also counsel clients on related aspects concerning private long-term care insurance and disability insurance.  With the cost of nursing home care rising every year, our objectives are often focused on helping clients avoid asset depletion to the extent possible when long-term or special needs care is required.

Whether you choose to plan for your retirement or continue working, we provide comprehensive legal services that help you plan accordingly. Our estate planning practice is devoted attorneys provide positive solutions for seniors, as well as assertively representing them when their rights are violated.

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