Our Fees – What You Should Know

We understand that legal fees are a concern for our clients.  The fact is, we’re all concerned about the cost for the products we buy and the services we purchase.  We welcome any questions that you might have about our fees and costs.  The following provides an overview of our fee practices, and how we work to provide quality and cost effective legal representation.  Please note – as our representation of you and your matter will be unique, the terms and conditions set forth in your representation letter will govern our representation.

Our Retention Letter

Our retention letter sets forth the basis of our engagement, including the fees and costs that may be incurred. In some cases our fee may be based upon an hourly rate, and in other cases our fee may be contingent upon successfully resolving a case at trial or through a settlement agreement. The nature of how costs are handled is also set forth in our retention letter.

Attorney Staffing

Unless otherwise discussed, only one attorney will be billing for your matter. (While there are two members of our firm and we frequently discuss client strategy, our practice is not to bill for these discussions.) In this respect, we are unlike many law firms who staff client matters with multiple layers of attorneys.

Because only one attorney will be handling your matter, you will not be charged for interoffice lawyer conferences, other lawyers “getting up to speed” when a file is transferred to another attorney, or multiple attorneys going to hearings, depositions, or business negotiations.  Having one attorney also ensures that your attorney will know all of the relevant information for your matter, as opposed to attorneys having different pieces of information.


Technology has made nearly all areas of our economy more efficient, including the legal industry. We implement various forms of technology in our practice so that we can deliver legal services more efficiently and effectively.

We’re Available to Answer Any Questions or Concerns You May Have

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about your matter, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

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