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We Help Clients Legally Document their Distribution Wishes

A will sets forth how a person’s property is to be distributed after death.  If can also specify other matters such as who has the authority to administer the person’s estate, and who should serve as guardian for any minor children.

Without a will, intestate law will determine who will inherit your property.  In general, intestate law only permits relatives to inherit; long-time partners who are unmarried, for example, will not inherit anything under Indiana intestate law.

Indy Will LawyerAs Indianapolis will lawyers, we provide advice, counsel, and drafting for wills and all other types of estate planning documents, including:

  • Simple wills
  • General durable powers of attorney
  • Health care powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Appointment of health care agents
  • Discounted basic plan

We meticulously draft your will and consider all aspects of your estate plan.

The Advantage of Obtaining Legal Counsel in Drafting Wills and Other Estate Planning Documents and Instruments

Experienced will lawyers and estate planning attorneys help clients carefully consider all aspects of their estate distribution, executor, and guardianship matters, and provide advice concerning how the law may apply to a number of different client circumstances.  We have decades of experience identifying issues for clients that require careful consideration, providing counsel concerning the options and alternatives available, and giving clients the information that they need to make the decisions that are right for them.

“Fill in the blank” form estate planning documents are not a good substitute for experienced legal counsel.  They do not provide the consultation and information that attorneys provide, nor do they address the legal ramifications of making certain decisions.  Ultimately, the makers of form wills do not provide any assurance that the will executed, will, in fact, provide the proper disposition of assets in accordance with law, as there could be substantial facts and information that could greatly change the outcome from the wishes of the testator.

Our Advice and Fees for Simple Will Preparation

When you retain our firm, we take the time to learn about the nature of your estate and your estate distribution wishes.  We ask questions to clarify your desires if certain events transpire, such as if you become divorced or if your spouse predeceases you.  When we have carefully reviewed your estate and wishes, we provide you with our thoughts on alternatives and how best to achieve your objectives.  Then, when you have made the decisions that are best for you, we prepare the necessary documents.

We offer a Simple Will Package that starts at $400 for an individual or $550.00 for husband and wife.  This package additionally includes the preparation of a General Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Power.

Don’t Leave it to Indiana Intestate Law to Determine Who Will Receive Your Assets

Protect your loved ones.  Prevent (or minimize the chance of) future contention among your heirs, especially when surviving spouses and offspring from other marriages may be involved.  Name your executor, and who you wish to be the guardian of your children should you die while they are minors.

Please call our firm to schedule a meeting today so that we can work with you to craft your estate plan documents. 

For more information on the distribution, division, and dispute issues that can arise in the absence of a will, please see What You Need to Know About Indiana Wills and The Benefits of Having a Will in Indiana.

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