Key Indiana Estate Administration Statutes

Below is a list of key estate administration statutes that can be viewed at:

  • Intestate Succession (How your estate is divided if you do not have a Will) IC 29-1-2-1
  • Taking against the Will (The rights of a disinherited spouse of a decedent to elect a portion of the estate despite the Will) IC 29-1-3-1
  • Surviving spouse and family allowances (The right of a surviving spouse and minor children to a portion of the estate off the top) IC 29-1-4-1
  • Will Contests (Reasons for which a Will can be set aside) IC 29-1-7-17
  • Small Estate Affidavit Process (Distribution of small estates by affidavit rather than by probate proceedings) IC 29-1-8-1
  • Estate Claims (Time limits and process to submit a claim against an Estate) IC 29-1-14-1

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